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David Debenham
My favourite Alf Knott story:

A bunch of us had removed a fellow pupil's trousers in punishment for some long-forgotten misdemeanour.

He was walking through the hall when Alfie saw him. Ignoring the fact that this pupil had no trousers on, he shouted "you boy, take those trainers off and get some proper shoes on". Classic.

I also remember him paying boogie woogie piano while we had lunch on occasions.

Dave Bryden
Disappointed that the Old Roan website no longer carries news of Old Roan Lambethans' cricket and Old boys' football. Has it stopped or is no-one able to update the web pages?
Nigel Taylor
I was at the boy's from 62 to 70 and have long since lost touch with just about everyone. I am still in, very infrequent, contact with Bob Coomber and recently discovered Clive "Fred" Fuhr in New Zealand and Ali Rhodes in Australia.
If any of the class of 62 are out there then drop me a line


Paul Lacey
I was only at the school from 1964 to 1967 when I left with my family to live in South Africa. 46 years on! Just happened to be talking about school house names and hence........ I was in Rodney house. I remember a few names, don't suppose I would recognise the faces!
Ulrike Henning
Have just discovered this site and am responding to Roger Nightingale. Do you remember the Henning family, Roger? We lived 3 or 4 doors up from you and all four Henning children went to the Roan. Claus and Hini and Dörthe and me, Ulrike - we were there in the 50s. We had emigrated from Germany in 1948, so were quite an oddity in Eltham. Dörthe and Hini wanted to be as English as possible, so were known as Dorothy and Fritz - Claus and I had more confidence and stuck with our German names.
Ulrike Leigh (nee Henning)
Andy Daniels
The John Roan School featured on BBC London (94.9) Robert Elm's radio show on Monday 29th April (12pm-3pm) with a slot 'Your old School' inviting Old Roan Boys and Girls to call in. It'll invoke some memories for all at Maize Hill and Devonshire Drive. Callers ranged from the 1940's to a last year leaver, the Association gets a mention as do the wonderful playing fields and Alfie Knott of course among others. You still have 5 days from today to 'play back' and can scroll to about 2:00pm to listen again. Enjoy.
Lesley de Hoog

Old Roan Golf Society

We are pleased to say preparations are well underway for our 2013 golf events which will be hosted by this years Captain, Matt Podger (1989-1991).

We have managed to secure an excellent rate for a full days golf at Nizels Golf Club on Thursday 27th June. Please put the date in your diaries and pass the details on to your guests.


Full details will be sent out to our regulars in the coming weeks.

Please confirm your attendance to Les De Hoog at:


We will also once again be heading down to Sandwich, Kent on Friday 1st November for the 29th Old Roan Golf Championship at Princes. Again, please put the date in your diaries and pass on to your guests.

Les de Hoog (ORGS Secretary).
Robert V Taylor
I was at Roan from 1951 - 1957 and still have vivid memories of my time there. It was most interesting to see pictures of teachers and see a couple of familiar names in the guest book. Both my brothers were at Roan - Mike who was four years earlier and Geoff three years later.
Mike was in the same year as Gavin Read who I met when he was Bishop of Maidstone and guest speaker at our village Alpha Course. I am also in touch with Colin Calegari who I think keeps in touch.
We all had several trips to Braithwaite and I still have my Braithwaite Badge. My best friend at Roan, Alan Bell went on to be a TV producer of many well know programmes such as 'Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and I think he did 'Last of the Summer Wine'. But sadly I lost touch after he came to my wedding - to a girl from Eltham Hill Girls !
Well sorry for any spelling errors. Mr White had a hard job with me !
David Ballard
I left in 1980 and was an 'Old Roan' for a year. Life moved on and I have always thought about looking up the old school and finding out how th ol boys have got on

I have always been proud to have attended Roan and having been a Grammar school boy from a working class background

I have not been in touch with any one from my year (1974 - 1980) and it would be good to catch up with anyone that was there with me

Just seen that here is an Alf Knott memorial - a shock to think that this great fella is now not with s

Look forward to catching up with any old class mate

John Marks('59-67)
Discovered this site today...Wow...so many memories of 8 wonderful years in just 20 minutes of reading!
I now live in Cambodia,but return regularly to UK...Anybody out there remember me(I was the tall,spotty nuisance).
Hope to hear from anyone interested.
Sad I was not on'lost members list''...I joined ORA when 16....can I rejoin?
John Marks
Alistair Rhodes
Alistair Rhodes 1962-1969.
A quick 'Hello' to those that may remember me. I'm still living in Perth, Western Australia (since 1983) and all going well, apart form the old age aching joints !
david bryden

John Bruce writes : I can confirm that I have booked Cafe Rouge, Greenwich, for Thursday December 13 at 12.30h for this, the XXIInd occasion of Old Roans 1954 era onwards. As last year we will be choosing from the Christmas Menu. If you intend to join us, I do need to send a £5 per head deposit. My address is 14 Brookmead Avenue, Bromley, BR1 After lunch we will move on to a local hostelry mid-afternoon (I would not recommend that any really important meetings or decisions are scheduled for the afternoon). Cafe Rouge is next to the Ibis Hotel, Stockwell Street (just to the west of St Alfege's Church) and easily accessible by bus or train - nearest station is Greenwich.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Brian Clare
I made my first trip to Braithwaite in 1946 in a party led by Mr. Binnie and the all-in cost was £4.00 which included the rail fare from Euston to Braithwaite which, at that time, still had a railway station. We slept on the floor and were divided into groups of 6 to take turns at the household chores. I went back to the area with my 2 daughters in 1976 and have been back at least once every since the - now with my granddaughters. I have so much to be thankful to the School for. I entered the school in 1945 with Mrs. Croucher as form mistress and left reluctantly in February 1951.
Chris Evans
Does anyone know of:
Sarah Garstang
Jane Rice
Jean Mathews
plse contact Chris Evans at evanscj@usa.net
Dave Bryden
Colin - sorry to read this; I knew Dave Lee well; we were both chartered surveyors and I also played cricket with him and like many, I always remember him asking the umpire for 'middle and orf please' as he took guard. I hope his family are all OK. Thanks for the news but, o so sad.
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Messages: 121 until 135 of 222.
Number of pages: 15
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