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John Marks('59-67)
Discovered this site today...Wow...so many memories of 8 wonderful years in just 20 minutes of reading!
I now live in Cambodia,but return regularly to UK...Anybody out there remember me(I was the tall,spotty nuisance).
Hope to hear from anyone interested.
Sad I was not on'lost members list''...I joined ORA when 16....can I rejoin?
John Marks
Alistair Rhodes
Alistair Rhodes 1962-1969.
A quick 'Hello' to those that may remember me. I'm still living in Perth, Western Australia (since 1983) and all going well, apart form the old age aching joints !
david bryden

John Bruce writes : I can confirm that I have booked Cafe Rouge, Greenwich, for Thursday December 13 at 12.30h for this, the XXIInd occasion of Old Roans 1954 era onwards. As last year we will be choosing from the Christmas Menu. If you intend to join us, I do need to send a £5 per head deposit. My address is 14 Brookmead Avenue, Bromley, BR1 After lunch we will move on to a local hostelry mid-afternoon (I would not recommend that any really important meetings or decisions are scheduled for the afternoon). Cafe Rouge is next to the Ibis Hotel, Stockwell Street (just to the west of St Alfege's Church) and easily accessible by bus or train - nearest station is Greenwich.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Brian Clare
I made my first trip to Braithwaite in 1946 in a party led by Mr. Binnie and the all-in cost was £4.00 which included the rail fare from Euston to Braithwaite which, at that time, still had a railway station. We slept on the floor and were divided into groups of 6 to take turns at the household chores. I went back to the area with my 2 daughters in 1976 and have been back at least once every since the - now with my granddaughters. I have so much to be thankful to the School for. I entered the school in 1945 with Mrs. Croucher as form mistress and left reluctantly in February 1951.
Chris Evans
Does anyone know of:
Sarah Garstang
Jane Rice
Jean Mathews
plse contact Chris Evans at evanscj@usa.net
Dave Bryden
Colin - sorry to read this; I knew Dave Lee well; we were both chartered surveyors and I also played cricket with him and like many, I always remember him asking the umpire for 'middle and orf please' as he took guard. I hope his family are all OK. Thanks for the news but, o so sad.
Colin Wesbroom
Just a sad note, to let people know who were friends with Dave Lee (1963-70 @ Roan). Dave sadly passed away in December2011. After 30+ years without meeting, we actually met up in Sept '09. Dave was a great guy, and a stalwart of the footie team. He will be much missed by his friends & family.
barry chenery
Bowsing the web came across this site which brings back many memories. I scanned the school photo but couldn't find my ugly mug. I am still in touch with Bill White who told me of Alfie Knotts demise, I have many fond memories of him. As a pupil during 1951 - 1959 I dont know if there are many of my contemporaries still around who rememeber me
Steve Armstrong
At Roan 1965-72. Been in touch with a few old faces recently, Peter Cox, Keith Banks. Ron Edworthy. Any others out there?
I am researching my mothers history and she tells me she attended the then Roan School before it moved over to the John Roan School. Her name was Betty Cosker and she was born in 1920 so I'm not sure what years she was there. Is there anyone out there who might remember her?
Roger Nightingale
In my old age I have just come across this site. Would like to correspond with anybody I know that attended the school when I did, ie, 1950 - 57.

I have lived in New Zealand since 1998 and prior to that lived in Canada, 1974 - 1998. I'm a Canadian Citizen.

Roger Nightingale
Sammy Fairbanks
I don't remember a Caroline Vansverry? ... but I do remember a Katherine Vansverry.
I was at Roan Girls (Devonshire Drive) until 1982.
Now living in Perth Western Australia (do miss Christmas in England)
My teachers were Dr Dolby (Physics), Miss Riddle (Biology), Miss Collins (French), Mrs Hall (PE I think), Mrs Sutton (?), Miss O'Dell (music), Miss Goring (Geography ... mainly Mt Kilimanjaro), Mr Williams (maths), Miss Styles (Religious Eduction), Miss Canavan-Jones aka Mrs Miles-Brown.
and a few others that I'm sure I'll think of when I sign off!!!!

Honore et Labore.
John Hart
My grandfather, Tom Parsons, went through the Roan School from about 1955. He became an art teacher and immigrated with his family to Australia, where he became a well known artist and educator in Canberra. Unfortunately he passed away in 2005, but I am hoping to write a biography to accompany a retrospective exhibit to be held in a few years. I'd love to get in touch with anyone at the school at the time: email john-hart@hotmail.com.au
Nick Wells-Gaston
Hello to anyone who remembers me when I had a lot less waist and a lot more hair! I was at Roan from around 1970/71 until 75/76. I, of course remember Alfie Knott and many others but the one I will never forget was my form master T.B.H (Terry) Hall - a great bloke who really took time with us, organising rambles on a Sunday and theatre trips to the Greenwich theatre. Would love to hear from anyone in touch with him or any of my former classmates!
Delighted to see that the 69-76 boys never seem to get involved in all this nostalgia stuff and must be as miserable now as we were then
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Messages: 121 until 135 of 213.
Number of pages: 15
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