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Brian Goddard
Sorry, Roger. That message should have finished: 'well, everyone would remember him.'
Monty Smith.
The Annual Reunion Dinner of the Old Roan Association will be held on Friday 21st October 2016 at the Clubhouse located on the playing fields in Kidbrooke Park Road.
The bar will be open from 6 30 pm with a target sit down of 8 00pm. The cost will be £20 per head to include a half bottle of wine each.
You may book a place by contacting Monty Smith, montague10@btinternet.com or Viv Lawrence, viv@passets.com payment on the night preferably by cheque payable to the Old Roan Association will be fine.
We hope to be in a position to distribute the next edition of the ORA magazine towards the end of September.
Roger Tanner
Well what Mr Goddard
Dave Bryden
I repeat my message of April 2016.....

Is the next Old Roan magazine anywhere near being sent out? Anyone...?
Terry Marshgreen
Probably of no consequence to anyone, but in honour of my father George Marshgreen who attended Roan from 1933 until 1938 and was my hero and a war hero, I need to officially record his passing on February 20th this year aged 93. Rest in peace Dad.
Dave Bryden
Anyone fancy updating the webpages so we know who is president 2016 / 17? Also it's time to remove the sad news about Tony Slaney - it was 2.5 year ago!
Martin Mills
Reunion for Old Roans (1965 - 1972) 14.5.16 at the Clubhouse

7.00 - 7.30 pm. Meet and greet. Please bring a photo of yourself taken at any time in the 1970’s for display during the evening. Also, if you have any Old Roan memorabilia that you could share with the group then please bring it along! Please note that this is an informal evening so dress code is smart casual.

7.30 pm. Buffet

8.15 - 9.00 pm. Quiz Time with a 1970’s theme (maximum of six in a team).

9.00 pm. Short vote of thanks

9.30 pm. Live Band ‘Stardust’ playing mostly hits from the 1960’s and 1970’s
Brian Goddard
We're you from Timbercroft, John Janes?
I certainly do remember you, Alistair. A very good sporting allrounder who once pipped me on the line in the 880 yds race on Sports Day. ( I couldn't forget that, even if it was 50 years ago!) Didn't you go on to play football for Samuel Montague after leaving school? As regards, Roger Tanner, well....
John Janes
I remember you and Alistair (and John Dennis) Elsie!
Peter Walker
I was at Roan from 1945 through 1952 when I left for Imperial College. I worked 35 years with DuPont - retired in 1995 and live in Hockessin, DE.
Apart from Rev. Keith Pound and Roy Jacobs I have lost touch with any others who might have been in my class.
Roger Tanner
Apart from Alistair Rhodes anyone else out there who was with me between 1962 and 1968
Degs Beldham
Hi - my dad (Ernest) who went to the school - prob 53 or 55 untill 61 0r 63 - once lent me his old school scarf which I promptly lost. It is his birthday soon and I wanted to get him a new one. It seems that scarves are no longer part of the required uniforms. I wondered if anyone here might a spare they would be willing to part with................................ please email me if so
Dave Bryden
Mike West : yes-all very wierd but don't forget the Old Roan website hasn't been updated in 2 years; nobody cares anymore!!!Happy 2016.
Has someone hacked the school website? Clicking on their link takes you somewhere entirely different!
Alistair Rhodes
Just a quick Hi and Merry Christmas to all, especially anyone that may remember me from the really good old days
Messages: 76 until 90 of 253.
Number of pages: 17
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