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Margaret Renton
For those of you who remember Jeanette McDonald who attended Roan School for Girls between 1961 - 1968, sadly Jean passed away on 7th October 2019 aged 69.
I was at Roan School for Girls ‘62 -‘68.
Hi to Mercia Storey!! We Travelled on the bus from Abbey Wood to Devonshire Drive along with Deidre Thomas, Kathryn Wallbridge, Kathleen Crook, Hazel Lamb, Julie Jenks.
I also remember Christine Baker, Leslie MacDonald Sally Brooke, Sally Bellers.
Teachers I remember are Miss Sturgess (Bubbly Stergene), Mr Billington (taught :Maths) Miss Tilstone (Biology); Miss Wrett-Smith (Latin), Mrs Jeffries (Geography), Madame Vrai ((French).

My husband’s nephew, Tony McPhillips went to Roan Boys!

Anyone else out there who was in our year back then??
We will all be the BIG 7-0 this year!!!!
Where have all those years gone!!
Geoff Sanders
Geoff Sanders 61-68
Hi - looking for those who joined in 61.
Particularly Ian Nichol Peter Coates William (Bill) Goad
Brian Goddard Andy Gooch Frank? Gosling
Steve Rider Bob Scourfield Charles Smith

I did 22 years in the Army and 21 years in the NHS.
Retired now - live in Swindon.

Anyone remember Alfie Knott's "Brawny British Builders"?
Geoff Bennett
David Goodes, I remember you well, we shared the same years. I joined the Army in 76, and ended up in the Int Corps as a language specialist. (Who’d have thought). Still working in export sales and engineering, can’t imagine retiring.
Roger Tanner
Brian Goddard. In response to your message of 2 Sept, why' would everyone remember him' - that's me. Would love to know more
Roger Tanner
I attended Roan from 1962-1968. During that time I went on a school trip to La Rochelle. Does anyone know the name of the lycee where we stayed and it's actual location in La Rochelle
David Goodes
Hi all. I have just come across this website. I was at Roan Boys from 1970 to 1977. Friends I can remember from school - Graham Hay, Martin Sharp, Andy Jewell, Kerry Hutchins, Michael Lay, Rob Taylor (a.k.a. "Gamma", plus others. Teachers Mr Witten (English), Mr Copson (Latin), Mr Hoare and Mr Greenberg (both French), Mr James and Mr Bednarz(?) both Physics, Mr Dolan (Chemistry), Mr Rouncefield (Geography) plus many others.

I remember cross-country runs in Greenwich Park and went on to represent the school at this sport as well as the 400m - Kerry Hutchins usually had the edge on me for speed - just!

The day I left, after my last A-level, we moved to Sussex so I lost touch with everyone from school. I served in the Royal Navy for a few years then trained as a teacher. I taught Physics for 28 years in Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire and am now retired.
Janet Price
I was at Roan Girls from 1958 until 1963. My main friends were Christine Parke's, Jacky Sterling and Joan Rivers. Anyone remember me?
Peter franks
My father Malcolm carpenter franks went to the school between 1942 and 1947 was captain of Collingwood house and represented Kent schools at football and cricket b4 becoming an analytical research chemist at British petroleum
Ann Brengelman
From California. Now Ann Gray. Attended Devonshire Dr 1968/69. Looking for girls who remember me. Is Julie Secker still in touch? ann@balconypress.com
Jacqueline Ellis
Hi there, have also just come across this web site. I remember you too Renée. How are you? What have you ended up doing? I also remember the wonderful productions with Val Pollock and Frank Hornblower. Those were happy memories and the parties...... which I think I did more of than anything else.
Stephen Nelson
That should have read janfarmer27@gmail.com
Stephen Nelson
I've just heard that Jan Farmer is to start editing a new edition of the magazine. If you have any news, views or photos that would interest any other members please get in touch via janfarmer@gmail.com
patricia COOLE
Hello. I was at Roan 1960 to 67. Remember Janice Coleman and Marcia(?)
Am in touch with Carolyn Green and last met Jean Macdonald about 7 years ago I am now living in yorkshire
Derek Carter
To Harry Flack.
Just on the website after many months so just read your reply to my earlier reminiscences. Mr Cherckersle I do not recall. But I do recall that Trottier would hurl his wallet of keys at any boy being inattentive. & with deadly aim.
I don't think he'd get away with that these days. And you are correct in your observations re:Lepinniere & Milne.
This past week I had a lengthy phone chat with another of our classmates: Dr. David Hamblen, C.B.E. Do you remember him? He's fit like me but more so I suspect - but it's all relative at our age isn't it!!?
I was carrying on a correspondence with Dennis Leigh for a few years but he seems to have tired of that. He is a retired C.of.E. Reverend.
And several years ago now I was speaking a few times by phone with Frank Bulloch, the X-country champ. He lives in Canberra, Aus.. Then one day I called him because I hadn't heard from him for awhile & he told me he'd become a reclusive & didn't want contact with anyone. Strange to say the least!
We lost Burgess to a heart attack a couple of years back.
Derek C (45-52)
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Messages: 16 until 30 of 236.
Number of pages: 16
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