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Dennis warlum
Anyone out there who remembers the war years, evacuation to South Wales, and the bomb damamge to the school (a whole day off). I think (Gussy) Gilbert was headmaster and Evans taught English. The Art teacher, a woman, gave me a love for drawing and painting and I later pursued that in Paris and even now. I left in '47 and, an Electrical Engineer, I have lived in Australia, naturalised, for the past 50 years.

Dennis Warlum
Toni Thomson
I attended the Road School for Girls in Devonshire Drive from 1949 to 1954. I left form 5L when my parents moved to the Midlands. I would love to get in touch with any one who can remember me! Hazel Poore, Maureen Page, Beryl Rainbow, Glennis Heard, Jean Hunter, Jill Brown, Pauline Lee, Avril Davies, Barbara Rook, Tich Beaver, Joyce Leng , Margaret Simpson, Jean Chadwick,Brenda Knowles - I could go on! I'm living in Brighton now, and snowed in until it thaws! I'm still in touch with Diane MacDougall, but haven't seen anyone else since going back to receive a 5th form prize, so it would be fantastic if any one does get in touch.
I was at Roan 1959 to 1966. Remember Hank,Sam,Gab,Basher etc
A very good friend of mine died on 4th Jan PAUL CLEMENTS. Paul was at Roan 1957-1962 when his family moved to Leicestershire. Paul was an exceptional sportsman who payed football for England at amateur level in the 1970`s.He also played professionally for Wigan. His brother Tim also went to Roan. I just thought anybody who remembers Paul would like to know. I am sending flowers from all who remembered him at school. Please contact me if you want to be include on list of former friends/classmates(no cost!!).... Regards to all... Bob Gowlett
Pam Linzell
I am Pam Shemmings (Nee Linzell) and I was at the Roan shcool for girls in Ammonford from 1942/3 until end of war. In Greenwich until 1947, any luck in hearing from Connie Jones, Betty Chipchase or Claire Evans who were at Greenwich during that time. Regards to all Pam
Roy Willis
I was at the school from 1974 to 1981 (Les de Hoog's and Ian Daniels's era). From about the 5th form upwards, I used to play in the school band run by Bill Ellis (maths teacher). We had some great music to play ranging from the James Bond theme tune (great for Carl Woody's electric guitar solo) to Glenn Miller and Hollywood musicals. I would like to know what has happened to the sheet music? If any one has any ideas, please can they let me know.
Colin Hooper
Peter J.Bailey, were you in the 5th form leaving in 1949? The gollywog bit
I don't recall, but our dates are the same at Road.Lawrence Bowen, seems to cover my dates too 1943 to 1949. I recall that Mr., Gilbert had a
right hand man who did all the whacking!Dave Bryden, Arthur Smith did
mention that he went to Roan but only briefly....
Neal Pattenden
I was at Roan between 1971 & 1977. Good to see Alfie Knott is still going. Remember going back to his place after the school band had traipsed around Blackheath just before Xmas terrorising the locals with a selection of carols! Checked out the 1977 picture and it looks like I've been cropped out, I think I was near the R/H end. Shame, as I can't find my copy of the photo. Recognise a lot of faces, but hazy on the names.
Stephen Evans
Apologies, but my e-mail address here in Malta is

Stephen Evans
Hello There All,
I am trying to trace evacuee's that were apperently sent to the town of Ammanford at the start of the Second World War. This may sound difficult, but in particular a girl/ lady today, by the name of Audery who I am led to believe had Red hair.
She lived at my fathers family home called, 'Gwynfryn' in Collage Street, Ammanford.
Any leads would be very welcome indeed.

Many Thanks,

Stephen Evans, Malta, G.C.
peter ashby till
i would like info on my late father robert sydney till 1912-1982,who attended roan school in the early twenties.
i cant find appropriate email address.
can you help?
in anticipation;
peter till
Dave Bryden (54-61)
Another year..another Christmas lunch with Sir Alf Knott, in fact this is the 20th we Old Roans of the '60s have organised. SO those who qualify take note :
Venue : Cafe Rouge Greenwich
Date: Tuesday 15th December 12.30 for 13.00h
If you remember Hodge, Hester, Buckle, Whitton, Gould etc and want to meet up and pay your repects to he who influenced all our lives, let me know please on brydendavid@hotmail.com or
by phone in France 0033 321 867403
Cheers Dave
Kevin 1971-78
I hope you enjoy the new web Site - any suggestions regarding content or even better contributions of Photographs or Reviews of your memories for inclusion are always welcome...... pleaase contact me at Kevin@kjacques.co.uk
Lawrence Bowen
Went to Maze Hill during War years. Mr Gilbert was Head,remember Mr Poyser, Miss Sewall. Went to South Africa on cessation of hostilities and gained Cert. Ed. there. Can only remember one classmate now. Anthony King
Stuart Moore
Hi. I know that it's over a year since Kevin Jacques asked the question about the skiing trip(s) to Austria in the early 70's and I expect that he has probably found out the answer by now, but as I recall the resort we went to was called Reith (im Alpbachtal).
dave bryden
I have been enjoying listening to Arthur Smith reading from his autobiog on BBC radio 4 this week (10 may) Anyone else listening? His excerpts did not include his memories of Roan.
Messages: 181 until 195 of 213.
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