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Paul Dexter 76-81
The message i left below didn't have my email address so here it is

Richard Thomas

Firstly, a happy new year to you all. I am pleased to say preparations are well on their way for our summer event which will be hosted by this years VIP Captain Mr Bernard Turner.

We have managed to secure an excellent rate for a full days golf at Wildwood Golf & Country Club in Surrey on Thursday the 30th of June. Please put the date in your diaries and pass the details on to your guests.


Full details will be sent out to you all in the coming months, meanwhile I will be sending you all invitations to join me on our Golfshake Group page.


Paul Dexter 76-81
If anyone remembers me from 76-81 at maze hill please email me , there's a reunion planned at the old naval college that i've heard about and i plan to be there should it happen. I'm proud of being a pupil at the school and would be good to be in touch with anyone from my era who remembers me.

Paul Dexter.
Just seen the message about Paul Clements - I assume this was Jan last year. I remember him well - ne was ceryainly the best footballer I ever saw at the school. He will be sadly missed. I rember Bob Gowlett as well!


Stuart Plunkett
Very interesting looking through these pages. I was 1964 to 1971 and in the 1st 11 winning the England Schools' trophy with Hutley, Russon, Aitkin et al! (This was 1971 not 1991 as the photo says!) Still remember some of the committee members- played football and cricket for the old boys and had many a happy evening down the club. Hope all is well with school and club.
Caroline Vansverry
I was at the Roan School for girls from 1979-1984, the final year before the doors to the school closed for good and it was converted into flats. I was in the last intake for the separate boys/girls schools before they amalgamated into the junior and senior sections in Blackheath. I remember the last school photo taken on the front steps of the school when there were only approximaely 65 girls left in that great old building.
Just to inform you that poor old Alf Knott is a bit sick in hospital and won't be at the dinner on December 9th. He is Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich room 16 with an infection after a minor op.
Ann Brooks
I was at the Gals School in Devonshire Drive from 69-74 (nee Hazelton) Denise Barnstaple I remember you. In fact didn't your cousin work on the QE2 as a chef? Don't know why I remember that but I do! I'm still in touch with Valerie Hobbs (now Mrs Stevens) and get all the Hobbs family news (Michael, Miriam & David all Old Roanians). Everyone fine and dandy. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
john w bruce
If you want to come on Dec 9th, My contact details are ;
See you in December!!
john bruce
As you may know Dave Bryden has decided to stand down from organising the
Alf Knott reunion lunch. Reg Hodge and I have taken on the onerous task of
booking the restaurant and seeing who would like to come.
The date is Thursday, 9th December and the place Cafe Rouge in Greenwich,
at 12.30 onwards.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to come. Also let me
know if you can't, or don't know yet. That way I can start getting an idea
of numbers.
Also please feel free to pass this message on to any other Old Roans of a
certain age who fondly remember Alf. It is normally a very good event and
consumes much of the rest of the day.
Dave tells me that this is the XX1st lunch - but it feels as if it's been
going on for a lot longer than that!
All best wishes
John Bruce (1954-61)
Richard Thomas
Old Roan Golf Society Winter Meeting

25th Golf Championship

Princes Golf Course - Sandwich


Friday 29th of October 2010

Join us at 8 AM for a full English breakfast before we enjoy a 27 hole stableford competition across all three loops of Princes. Additionally there will be a nearest the pin competition at the first par 3 of each loop. A team event will also take place. We will stop after 9 holes for a soup and roll lunch. A 3 course Dinner & coffee will be served shortly after all competitors have completed their rounds.

To mark our mile stone this year we have some superb prizes on offer including a brand new set of Onyx Irons and an Onyx bag for the winner as well as two ball putters up for grabs!

The cost is a golflation busting £50.50 per head for fully paid up members.

Please contact Richard Thomas if you are interested in attending and also pass the word on to anyone else who may be interested.

Email – richard.thomas@invesco.com

Mobile Tel – 07803 594438
Dear Old Roans

My business interests in London are now over and my trips to UK are going to be very infrequent. For that reason I will not be able to arrange, organise and book the Cafe Rouge for our 21st Xmas Lunch for we 60s leavers.

So if you want it to continue, it's down to another to take over the task I have handled for many years. Any volunteers?

I will of course be one of the first to accept an invitation and will plan the car / train / Eurotunnel etc to be there.

Life here in the French countryside continues to delight us both; we still grow our fruit and veg and have 5 chickens and a few cats and as I write in early August the sun is shining brightly, the temperature is hitting 25 and we have birthday party for an old neighbour this evening when plenty of the fizzy rose will be drunk after a fine and lengthy repast outdoors. So Barbs and I wish you all the fortune and joy for the rest of the summer and...hopefully...will see you all some time in december.....!

Denise Yarwood
I have just discovered this site and am delighted to know that Roan is still an active and vibrant institution! I attended Roan School for Girls on Devonshire Drive from 1969 to 1974 (nee Barnstable). I'd love to hear from any former girls or faculty from that time!
mary wybourrn (nee
I was at school between 1963 and 1968 and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me
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Messages: 166 until 180 of 213.
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