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john Bruce
Hi Everyone

It's that time of year again - and we have decided to continue with our
Christmas Lunch tradition albeit without our main man. So after 20 years
with Alf as our honoured guest, and one, last year, which he missed through
ill-health, our 22nd will be to commemorate our favourite teacher.

We plan to meet on Friday, 9th December at the Café Rouge in Greenwich at

Please put it in your diary now, and let me know if you plan to come. It
will follow the same format as in previous years (arrival - vague
recognition of someone you sat next to for 6 years - forget what we
ordered - anecdotes about weird Roan customs, teachers and boys - nice
lunch - lots of wine - nomination of someone who got O level maths to sort
out the bill - off to the pub for the rest of the afternoon!).

As last year, Café Rouge are asking us to pre-order. A copy of this year's
menu is attached. Please can you let me know what you want to eat?
They are also asking for a £5 per head deposit!

I would like to confirm numbers as soon as possible as I will be out of the
country from November 9 to 25. Please make cheques payable to me and send to
me at 14 Brookmead Avenue, Bromley, BR1 2LA, and I will settle with a credit

Any queries email or call me on 020 8467 0664.

I look forward to hearing from you.
james mccambridge
does any one know the whereabouts of miss mary mccambridge who left
the area in 1979 under the name of simpson
Tracy Morton


I'm looking to see if anyone remembers Victor Philip who was at roan boys in the 1950's? Tracy
Dave Bryden
A great night in Greenwich on Saturday but insufficient time for catching up; all over too soon but congratulations to the ORA committee for organising the event. Thoroughly enjoyable food and occasion.Merci
Barry Garwood
I have only just found out about Alfie Knotts passing, he was one of the true greats, always helpful and very knowledgeable on just about every subject! if only every teacher today had just a little piece of him in them education in this country would be in a much better state! R.I.P Alfie.
Russ Jackson
Alfie Knott a real hero , his infamous nose hold .....
Malcolm Simmonds
I only recently learned of the death of Alf Knott and his wife. A student from 1966 - 1970, I would simply like to add my respects for an outstanding educationalist and a great gentleman.
Peter J. Bailey
I've just noticed an error in my previous message. It's clearly a forlorn hope that anyone would e.mail me when I gave no indication of my electronic address! As Messrs Gilbert and Holt would have said (and did!), "must pay more attention." So, direct your keyboard towards
g3pjb@milnet.uk.net and, hopefully, we'll chat.
All the best from Peter in Swanley, Kent.
Peter J. Bailey.
Hello, there,
Anyone from 1944-1949 remember "Golliwog"?
Well, I'm still about. e.mail me, if you wish. Cheers.
nicholas brannon
Sad news about Alfie, i joined Roan boys in 1979, and Alfie was old school proper teacher you would not cross him, a great story teller and person, sadly missed
David Clifton
How sad that Alfie Knott passed away. He made such a difference to my education, and my life.

I was just looking at "History of the Roan School" published in 1927 which my father Gerald Clifton left to me.
It was fascinating to see that Mr Binnie taught my father as well as me.
Rob Poole
Sorry to hear about Alfie, a really fine teacher. He got me started playing blues piano and I was the last person who saw him before the IRA shot him 1974 (I was a porter at the Brook Hospital and I was leaving as he left having dropped off Beryl for a night shift). I went and saw him at the school when I heard he was back...on sight he said 'who the hell did you phone that night?'...a joke, though, as someone one heavily connected with the left at the time, I'd waited to get hauled in for questioning...no one ever did, though he'd told the police about seeing me...incredibly lax investigation in retrospect...old school, but none the worse for that....
Andy Murphy
I was very sad to hear about Alf and Beryl Knott. Alf was one of the 'stand out' characters during my time at Roan (1972-79) - a great teacher and Vice-Head who (as Bob Hearnden reminded me just last night) seemed to be able to dip his toe into any subject with real knowledge and confidence. He was a great bloke too and real inspiration for later life. I was good friends with his son, Paul and remember being welcomed into their house in Maze Hill on many an occasion, including spending a few Saturday nights on their sofa after drunken parties at other nearby friends' houses. Beryl was always very understanding! RIP
Ian Brown (1951-59)
I am pleased to be in touch with Roan again after receiving an invitation to the Painted Hall Dinner which I hope to attend. I should be pleased to hear from any friends of my era.

It was a warm and sunny spring morning and more than 100 Old Roans , family and colleagues crowded into the chapel. It was a humanist ceremony, the simple caskets being made of basketwork and decorated with spring flowers.
The chosen music was Two Sleepy People by Fats Waller and Riverman by Nick Drake. Alf’s sons, Christopher (the actor) and Paul (the property developer) narrated tales of their Mum and Dad then after the committal we filed out and met up and chatted with colleagues and family. Chris confirmed that despite a) being shot by the IRA b) a heart by-pass operation and c) a stay in hospital before Christmas 2010, ALF would choose the time to go and (according to Chris) it was when he heard that Beryl had died ; “he just gave up” spoke Chris.
A fine tribute to a fine gentleman and a real lady.
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Messages: 136 until 150 of 205.
Number of pages: 14
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